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Grampanchayat: The System of Nation

India is blessed with different cultures, languages, and religions. As a democratic nation, we are heading towards a brighter future as one spirit, living in harmony. We have a system that enables us to function effectively. Grampanchayat or Panchayati Raj is a primary function of this system. Panchayati Raj is the first step towards rural […]

Country First Movement

Even after 72 years of freedom, India as a nation is struggling to achieve freedom in true sense. Issues like corruption, lack of timely justice, illiteracy, poverty, etc. has kept us deprived of being free and develop as a nation. We are in dire need of a direction that helps in our nation’s growth. We […]

Farmers of India

Is this the country where agriculture is the main source of income? Is this the nation of farmers? The changing scenario of our nation is worrisome. India is an agriculture-dominated country. It is blessed with geological and favourable environmental conditions, but due to new Government schemes, we are falling short in terms of development. These […]

Collapsing Bricks of Democracy

Democracy is the real strength of our country as we are a nation with a diverse culture and an enormous population. This is the reason why India stands high in the world with all that diversity with unity. We are a developing Nation, but that’s not enough. The process of progress transpires when we have […]

#MeToo: Change Is Necessary

Today, we are failing as a society. We are failing to protect our girls from the claws of the society infected by male dominance. We are failing to protect them from the predators that lurk in every corner. As the father of a girl, I dread picking up a newspaper and reading the reports surrounding […]

Made in Madhya Pradesh

Corruption, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment, Madhya Pradesh is fighting these demons since decades. The state is struggling to reach even the first step of development and we are losing this battle at a rapid speed. Continuous debt of crores is looming over the state and slowly eating the last hope of growth. The situation […]

Health of Rural India

Every coin has two sides to it. We, as a nation often see two sides of our society, ‘Urban India’ and ‘Rural India’. The changes which are occurring in our society induce serious concerns about the future of our nation. Urban India is developing at a rapid speed whereas Rural India is lacking and underdeveloped […]

Lawyers for Humanity

Lawyers are the true protectors of democracy. They never stop fighting for justice and humanity. Although there are some people who take the wrong advantage of this profession for their personal benefits and malign the dignity of this profession. Irrespective of this, there are people who truly stand for what the black robe is made […]

Importance of Primary Education

I clearly remember the first day of my school. Naïve then, but today I realize how those steps marked the journey of my life. I have been blessed with the guidance and support from my parents and teachers. Their faith and encouragement shaped the path of my success. Whenever I see school going kids, the […]

A fight for justice Vyapam Scam

What is the Vyapam Scam? The Vyapam (Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal) is the board that conducts professional examination in Madhya Pradesh, India. Vyapam Scam was all about the manipulation in the selection process for Government colleges and jobs from 2007-2013. It involved politicians, business executives, senior and junior officials who systematically employed impersonation of candidates, rampant […]