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Collapsing Bricks of Democracy

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Democracy is the real strength of our country as we are a nation with a diverse culture and an enormous population. This is the reason why India stands high in the world with all that diversity with unity. We are a developing Nation, but that’s not enough. The process of progress transpires when we have the power to choose our own Government. This power is reassured by the election process and votes; without which, we cannot function as a Nation. The Government which is, by the people, of the people, and for the people ensures the growth of the country and every element of the society. If the election process is incomplete or circumvented by anyone for personal their interest, the very existence of democracy is threatened.

In 2019, India will face another election, which will decide the fate of this country for another five years. The voter lists are being finalized. If the voter list has been tampered with, then we may have to face a serious crisis. Many questions are being raised regarding the voter ID lists; the issue has remained unresolved since the queries go unanswered.

Congress leader Mr. Vivek Tankha, who has also been an Ex-chairman of the Electoral Reform Committee of the Ministry of Law & Justice / Election Commission of India realised this issue and decided to make the whole election procedure fair and easy for Madhya Pradesh and other states.

When the Congress party requested the data, the Election Committee provided it in an image board format (which will take approximately 2 years to analyse). The data should have been in the text board according to the manual. Even with this hurdle, the team analysed the Rajasthan voter ID list which was available in the text board. They have analysed 200 constituencies.  The Congress presented the facts on an affidavit. The data has been taken from the official Govt. websites and the results are astonishing. Have a look at them.

In the span of 5 years (2013-2018), the exponential growth in the voter list is above 3-4%. Generally, this growth is around 1-2%, it is also being said if the voter list’s growth is more than 3-4% then no one can beat the ruling Govt.

The total electoral number in the draft voter list is around 4,75,00,000. In which the number of male population is 2,49,00,000 and number of female population is 2,25,00,000.

In this list, 42 lacs registration have the same name, relatives name, and gender under one constituency. Clearly, these are fake! Even applying one more filter of age, the number of fake names is 10,44,000.

Not only this but the EPIC number duplicates are 91,261.

The number of probable duplicates of NRNG more than a hundred times in a single constituency are 487 and more than 50 times is 14,482.

In the list, there are thousands of people who are sharing the same address with other voters. The following table will describe the numbers.

Electors who share the same address with more than 100 other electors.

Number of Electors


Number of Houses

Electors who share the same address with more than 50 other electors.

2,63,017 3,435

Electors who share the same address with more than 25 other electors.

17,27,844 49,745

Electors who share the same address with more than 10 other electors.

1,42,38,667 9,20,000

Is this even possible? Unfortunately, this is the reality. All these numbers are taken from the official Govt. website.

The manual clearly mentions that if more than 10 voters are living in one house, a special verification needs to be conducted. The verification hasn’t been performed for the voter list in question. No details were given to Congress even after repeated requests.  

Likewise, the details for other constituencies have been shared with the Election Commission and they don’t have a justification for these irregularities.

The proportion of the population with voter list does not match at all. The increase in the voters in the year of 2013-2018 is 70,0000. Which means an increase of 15 lac voters each year, but the data shows an increase of 5 lac voters. The website of Rajasthan doesn’t show the total number of voters. So nobody knows how many can actually vote in this election.

These figures are just of one state; imagine what will happen if we analyse every voter list of other states? The whole country depends on these elections, where each and every vote matters. These many fake voters and the purposeful hurdles to suppress the issue raises one simple question – are we living in the democracy or autocracy?  

Reference – https://youtu.be/nPKvrrrGHYY