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Even after 72 years of freedom, India as a nation is struggling to achieve freedom in true sense. Issues like corruption, lack of timely justice, illiteracy, poverty, etc. has kept us deprived of being free and develop as a nation. We are in dire need of a direction that helps in our nation’s growth. We need to keep all our differences aside and come together as the citizens of India with one motto in our minds, ‘Country First’.

Mr. Vivek Tankha in collaboration with Mr. Shiv Khera founded the ‘Country First Foundation’. This foundation was established with a mission to get Freedom Through Education and Justice. A nation with undereducated people is nothing but a mass who is easy to enslave and hard to lead. Education is a priority for our nation if we want it to grow and develop further.

The objective of the ‘Country First Foundation’ was to observe ‘Good Governance to Good People and Good Laws’ with a far-sighted vision of ensuring respect and dignity for every Indian. Education brings enlightenment to the society, thus ensuring that the citizens make an ideal choice when they are appointing a leader. Lack of justice makes the citizens lose trust and respect for the law. The ‘Country First Foundation’ ensures to assist and guide people who are seeking justice and empower the citizens to fight for what is right.

The pillars of ‘Country First Foundation’ are designed keeping in mind the struggle India as a nation is facing since 1947. Mr. Tankha, an enthusiastic social activist keeps the well-being of the country and its citizens before anything else. We need leaders like him who take the right and firm steps towards success keeping all sectors in mind. The ‘Country First Foundation’ has been successfully going on since many years, and we are looking forward for more such movements that fight for the citizens and nation’s betterment.