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Is this the country where agriculture is the main source of income? Is this the nation of farmers? The changing scenario of our nation is worrisome. India is an agriculture-dominated country. It is blessed with geological and favourable environmental conditions, but due to new Government schemes, we are falling short in terms of development. These schemes introduced to help farmers are now working in a reverse manner. Well, this is not the first time where farmers have endured the torture of the system. They haven’t got loan waivers, neither have they received proper pricing for their produce. They still need help from the Government and they are still struggling for their livelihood. But this time the Government has set the new mark for being cruel and inhuman towards farmers. Here we are talking about ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana’. This particular scheme was started with a façade of helping farmers but the actual beneficiaries are others.

Poor farmers are dependent on their crops; as it is the only source of their livelihood. Good produce depends on seeds and for that they need money, even if they manage to gather the amount, the list of hurdles doesn’t end here. ‘Rain’ is an important factor in the field of farming. If it rains on time, then there is a little hope for farmers and their families or else they are forced to face a drought. Rain is only a primary concern but there are many other things to be taken into consideration like money for the aftercare of the harvest, etc. Is it a farmer’s fault that even after struggling for the whole year he doesn’t get a decent price for his crop? Why they are left helpless to the point that they opt for suicide? Is living in this country difficult enough that seeking relief in death is easy for these people? These questions unsettle me and I am failing, just to fathom the agony of the families who are living the dread of aftereffects. They are left behind with no one to look after them. Lives of farmers of India are more painful than death itself. Those who can ease farmers’ pain by helping them are busier filling the pockets of rich and influential people. The farmers didn’t get their rightful help from the Government, but the so-called ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana’ is acting as a mere tool to snatch what is left to them and giving it to rich people. Through this scheme, the insurance amount is directly deducted from farmers’ bank account to insurance companies. Many farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh cannot be benefited through this scheme due to the criteria of insurance, but their names and bank accounts were linked to insurance companies. The amounts were deducted from the accounts but when they sought relief of insurance they were struck down by the reality of conditions of insurance.

The scam of crores is once again sucking the lives of our farmers. Lots of farmers denied getting their crop insured. If this situation continues then it will leave them helpless and vulnerable in case of any natural disaster. They have lost their faith in the scheme and are ready to take the bigger risks. It is important and crucial to have crop insurance but flawed schemes like these stop farmers from taking one step further. We need to understand one more thing here i.e. many farmers even if they want, are unable to take crop insurance because they need the money at that moment. The government needs to understand their situation and helplessness and then plan the schemes accordingly. Unplanned work will always give negative outputs. We should plan our schemes out of this understanding to benefit the most important person of our country ‘Kisan’ and make them proud to be born in the land of India.