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Grampanchayat: The System of Nation

Grampanchayat: The System of Nation Featured

India is blessed with different cultures, languages, and religions. As a democratic nation, we are heading towards a brighter future as one spirit, living in harmony. We have a system that enables us to function effectively. Grampanchayat or Panchayati Raj is a primary function of this system. Panchayati Raj is the first step towards rural development. A nation is not fully developed until and unless its rural areas are developed too.

We accepted this system after independence since it is based on ‘Government of the people, By the people, For the people’ ideology. But BJP has destroyed this system’s roots in the past 4 years. Power-centralize governance system is more interested in ruling over people rather than ruling for them. This thought process is having negative effects directly on people who are living in these rural areas of India. It takes a lot of time, management, efforts, and work to make the system easy and workable for people, but only a few destructive moves can uproot the hard work of decades.

To solve this problem, Congress has come up with some policies. If in the coming days Congress wins the elections, then our main goal will be the re-establishment and development of villages and Panchayati Raj.

Following will be the key function areas –

    • Fund, function, and functionaries under this ‘Triple F’ formula, citizens will get facilities of all departments in one place.
    • We will stop the misuse of provision 40.
    • Different village councils will be introduced in Bahulya Panchayat of scheduled castes, tribes. Village councils will be empowered.
    • Different village councils will be arranged for females.
    • Growth in wages of the village head, district member, president and vice president of district panchayats.
    • To develop Grampanchayat in economic aspect we will develop income through minor minerals, forest produce, etc.
    • The management of villages will be given to village councils.
    • Immediate payments will be done of the amount of construction of residence, pipeline, and toilet. This will help to create a system where installments and wages will have paid on time.
    • Will make a plan for the development of each Grampanchayat and work accordingly.
    • The limit of the amount for the new constructions under Grampanchayat will be extended upto 15 lacs and repairing will be extended upto 1.5 lacs.
    • The place will be fixed for rest house, cow shed, school kinder garden building, and sports building.
    • Group tree plantation, environmental, and cleaning work will be done with the participation of people.
    • Every village will have paved roads, drainage, and toilets. Every village will be connected to a permanent road.
    • Day-care center will be created for senior citizens.
    • Community hall scheme will be introduced and will have an easy execution of MANAREGA scheme.
    • To create employment opportunities in a state, we will make ‘state level employment guarantee scheme’.
    • Clean drinking water, repairing of hand pumps and operation of ‘Nal-Jal scheme’.
    • A permanent market will be established and a bazaar mart will be well directed.
    • More amount will be given to Grampanchayat.
    • Main execution officer of district Grampanchayat will get paid according to the recommendation of State Pay Commission.
    • Panchayat secretary will get 7th pay scale.
  • Village court will start again.

Congress will work on the above-mentioned and other topics to re-establish the Panchayati Raj system. The country can only progress if villages are progressing. This time victory of truth is necessary, this time victory of people is necessary. We are connected with people through faith and this faith will change the picture of Madhya Pradesh.