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Lawyers are the true protectors of democracy. They never stop fighting for justice and humanity. Although there are some people who take the wrong advantage of this profession for their personal benefits and malign the dignity of this profession. Irrespective of this, there are people who truly stand for what the black robe is made for. These dignified lawyers restore ordinary people’s faith in the judiciary system.

The real problem is that the process of a case is costly for an average income person. Plus, the time-consuming process leads people away from seeking the help of the judiciary system. Sometimes they don’t even understand the complex process and don’t get proper guidance. This makes them helpless when they can take legal action if someone wronged them. Many lawyers or authorities take advantage of this helplessness of these people which results in corruption and injustice.

However, there are some loyal lawyers who are practicing and preaching advocacy as a public service. Here we are talking about Congress leader Mr. Vivek Tankha. The Tankha family is into public service since generations. ‘Justice Tankha Memorial Trust’ is changing the face of Madhya Pradesh. The senior advocate has devoted himself to selfless service. His goals and visions are very clear and his guidance is shaping the young generation of lawyers and giving inspiration to seniors.

His recent announcements and meetings are an inkling of the change for the people of Madhya Pradesh.

With the help of Congress Legal Department, he made a proposition to all affiliated lawyers to come together for public service. Lawyers will give free consultation to every person who will come to them for help. They will fight the case without charging a hefty amount or free of charge depending upon the structure of the case procedure. This will enable justice to reach every element of society. Every person despite the economic background has the right to justice. This initiative by Mr. Tankha will bring relief to the people of Madhya Pradesh.

Recently he addressed 2000 bar council lawyers at an event in Chennai. His suggestions were highly appreciated. His thoughts on an act for lawyers’ protection and empowering women lawyers won the hearts of the advocates.  

Mr. Tankha believes that we need more women lawyers because they have an apt understanding of the society and have deeper connections with social issues. Which is why support and empowerment of girls will give us a generation of extraordinary female lawyers, who will help the nation. Female lawyers are continuously proving their potential and dedication to society and Mr. Tankha supports them completely.

He is a visionary and has firm stands for the betterment of society. He is restoring our faith in the judiciary system.