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Corruption, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment, Madhya Pradesh is fighting these demons since decades. The state is struggling to reach even the first step of development and we are losing this battle at a rapid speed. Continuous debt of crores is looming over the state and slowly eating the last hope of growth. The situation is reflecting on every sector which is worrisome for every citizen. Education, agriculture, sports, transportation, environmental status of the state, everywhere the situation is out of control; and we are left to live with the ordeal of the miss-management. We have witnessed numerous changes over the decades and the ones which are occurring right now worries me for the future of our young generation.

The most important thing here is our future generation. We have lived a full life, experienced joy, surprises and, ups and downs of life. Now we might have a few days ahead of us but these youngsters are yet to create their own horizon. Even with a degree and highest educational qualifications they are begging for jobs. Even thinking about the kind of suffering and depression they are facing makes me restless. Something must be done and solution needs to be found. Even with the few Government schemes, it is difficult to cover the damage of the decade. One cannot solve the problem of water scarcity of the entire village with one small pond of water. Just like that, we cannot curb this issue with temporary solutions. We need to create a system where we can safeguard the future of our generation.

Instead of depending on and waiting for job opportunities to be created we can take one step forward and change the scenario of Madhya Pradesh. That step would be ‘Make in Madhya Pradesh’, an idea coined by Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi has the potential to change the picture of the state. The core thought is to promote industrialization and create job opportunities for the youth hence achieving wholesome development of the state.

The planning of Make in Madhya Pradesh will be as follows –

  •    A new business which has more than 100 cr. investment and giving 60% youth of Madhya Pradesh’s technical jobs and 100% non-technical jobs, will get a concessionary rate of interest on loan plus concession on GST.
  •    Youth who are starting up a business for the first time will get a loan of 5 years with a concessionary rate of interest.
  •    New silicon city will be developed in Bhopal.
  •    Jewelry Park – We will establish a new industrial park to promote gold and diamond business, the diamond city will be established for diamond business, golden complex, diamond complex will have industrial, business and residential facilities and special concession in GST and property tax plus concession in electricity and interest rate.
  •    Special free training for females and other people for ornament sector business plus priority will be given in industrial plot allocation.
  •    We will establish new ‘Garment Complex’ in Madhya Pradesh which will have a business and residential facilities plus special concession in GST and property tax, concession in electricity and interest rate.
  •    To promote power loom (up to 10 looms) special plot will be developed which will have industrial, business and residential facilities, tax concession, plus concession in electricity and interest rate. We will promote Government buying.

These provisions will build a new future for young entrepreneurs and will secure job opportunities creating a healthy cycle of the economy. Future is in our hand and we as responsible citizens should take a step towards change!