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#MeToo: Change Is Necessary

#MeToo: Change Is Necessary Featured

Today, we are failing as a society. We are failing to protect our girls from the claws of the society infected by male dominance. We are failing to protect them from the predators that lurk in every corner.

As the father of a girl, I dread picking up a newspaper and reading the reports surrounding assaults and rapes. I feel anxious as to how many innocent lives have been hurt while we were asleep in our safe homes, and how many may be harmed in just this living minute.

Laws, punishments, and rules mean nothing to these criminals with monstrous motives.

Unfortunately, every other household has a female going through some kind of assault, be it physical or mental. The suppression and trauma faced by these women is a hindrance to their being.

The root cause of these atrocities is the mentality that has been instilled from generations. Even in the 21st century, women are considered to be subordinate to men. A country where the feet of Goddesses is considered the holiest place keeps women under their foot. What an irony! Women around the world may have reached the moon, but Indian society still sees them as a second citizen and weaker sex. They are expected to be at the receiving end and stay quiet in the incidence of injustice.

The fear of the society kept women quiet, the same society which expected unlimited sacrifices from them and never gave anything in return. But now the scenario is changing, women are being vocal against injustice. This is showing us the ugly realities of the two-faced society that is our own creation.

It takes a lot of courage to come forward and share the horrid experiences that left its mark on their lives forever. Putting themselves in front of people’s judgment who might not understand the nightmare they have lived.

A recent groundbreaking movement #MeToo shook the roots of the entire nation. The ghastly turn of events bared the truth of the work environment women have to endure in India, and around the world. With extreme social pressure, it is hard to break the silence for many women who have been through these incidents. But it is a start indeed. No one should get away with such actions regardless of their social status and power. Thorough inspection and strict actions should be taken.

As events unfold, many big names surfaced and the allegations are quite surprising. Years of silence broke and erupted like an angry volcano, that obliterated the fake pride of our society. The question burned my mind, where exactly are we heading? Some of the reactions to the incidents and stories of victims are preposterous. They are facing scrutiny for being silent for years and being questioned about their character and motive.

‘Victim Blaming’ is still a critical issue in India. I am not taking any sides but if someone is coming forward after years of silence, we should respect the courage and their silence since it is not easy to relive the nightmare. As every coin has two sides, it is possible that some misuse of the movement might occur and for that, we need a system with proper provisions. People should be open to listening, without jumping to any conclusions. We shouldn’t take this issue lightly because it is important for every woman who is ambitious and wants to create her identity.

How can they work if the work environment is poignant? A healthy and co-operative environment will breed stronger women. Nearly half of India’s population is women; if each one of them contributes to the nation’s economy, imagine the economic growth and stability India will achieve!

Women are capable of great things and they have proved their caliber time and again in every field. They have achieved success and pride for the nation. What they need is support and safety from us and they will conquer the world. Let’s support the women of India, let’s take a step towards progressive India.