Women Safety!

Congress leader Vivek Tankha has always led by example and worked on making Madhya Pradesh a safe place for women. With seminars like Suraksha Samvad, that he organized in Jabalpur, he covered key issues like security, empowerment, opportunity, and honor.

Women Empowerment!

Women’s rights & empowerment are highly important, and Vivek Tankha has been initiating seminars, workshops, etc. in their favour. He works towards making women feel safe, powerful and give them economic stability.

Health & Hygiene

The rural India is facing severe problems such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of electricity, water and hygiene. At such times, Vivek Tankha undertook several projects to provide sound healthcare to the people via his RAHAT (Rotary’s Active Hands Are Touching) initiative. The RAHAT-I camp was titled as the ‘Mother of all Health Missions’.

Better Healthcare for Underprivileged

We often forget to be thankful for a healthy life and often look down upon the specially-abled or the less fortunate. Congress leader Vivek Tankha has dedicated his time and resources to give them equally great opportunities and care. So much so that he has established the Justice Tankha Memorial Rotary Institute for special children.


Economy and infrastructure are co-related, and a country needs to develop each one in order to achieve progress. Vivek Tankha aims to build Madhya Pradesh as a strong infrastructural state with good strategies and even better execution.