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Grampanchayat: The System of Nation

Grampanchayat: The System of Nation Featured

India is blessed with different cultures, languages, and religions. As a democratic nation, we are heading towards a brighter future as one spirit, living in harmony. We have a system that enables us to function effectively. Grampanchayat or Panchayati Raj is a primary function of this system. Panchayati Raj is the first step towards rural development. A nation is not fully developed until and unless its rural areas are developed too.

We accepted this system after independence since it is based on ‘Government of the people, By the people, For the people’ ideology. But BJP has destroyed this system’s roots in the past 4 years. Power-centralize governance system is more interested in ruling over people rather than ruling for them. This thought process is having negative effects directly on people who are living in these rural areas of India. It takes a lot of time, management, efforts, and work to make the system easy and workable for people, but only a few destructive moves can uproot the hard work of decades.

To solve this problem, Congress has come up with some policies. If in the coming days Congress wins the elections, then our main goal will be the re-establishment and development of villages and Panchayati Raj.

Following will be the key function areas –

    • Fund, function, and functionaries under this ‘Triple F’ formula, citizens will get facilities of all departments in one place.
    • We will stop the misuse of provision 40.
    • Different village councils will be introduced in Bahulya Panchayat of scheduled castes, tribes. Village councils will be empowered.
    • Different village councils will be arranged for females.
    • Growth in wages of the village head, district member, president and vice president of district panchayats.
    • To develop Grampanchayat in economic aspect we will develop income through minor minerals, forest produce, etc.
    • The management of villages will be given to village councils.
    • Immediate payments will be done of the amount of construction of residence, pipeline, and toilet. This will help to create a system where installments and wages will have paid on time.
    • Will make a plan for the development of each Grampanchayat and work accordingly.
    • The limit of the amount for the new constructions under Grampanchayat will be extended upto 15 lacs and repairing will be extended upto 1.5 lacs.
    • The place will be fixed for rest house, cow shed, school kinder garden building, and sports building.
    • Group tree plantation, environmental, and cleaning work will be done with the participation of people.
    • Every village will have paved roads, drainage, and toilets. Every village will be connected to a permanent road.
    • Day-care center will be created for senior citizens.
    • Community hall scheme will be introduced and will have an easy execution of MANAREGA scheme.
    • To create employment opportunities in a state, we will make ‘state level employment guarantee scheme’.
    • Clean drinking water, repairing of hand pumps and operation of ‘Nal-Jal scheme’.
    • A permanent market will be established and a bazaar mart will be well directed.
    • More amount will be given to Grampanchayat.
    • Main execution officer of district Grampanchayat will get paid according to the recommendation of State Pay Commission.
    • Panchayat secretary will get 7th pay scale.
  • Village court will start again.

Congress will work on the above-mentioned and other topics to re-establish the Panchayati Raj system. The country can only progress if villages are progressing. This time victory of truth is necessary, this time victory of people is necessary. We are connected with people through faith and this faith will change the picture of Madhya Pradesh.

Country First Movement

Country First Movement Featured

Even after 72 years of freedom, India as a nation is struggling to achieve freedom in true sense. Issues like corruption, lack of timely justice, illiteracy, poverty, etc. has kept us deprived of being free and develop as a nation. We are in dire need of a direction that helps in our nation’s growth. We need to keep all our differences aside and come together as the citizens of India with one motto in our minds, ‘Country First’.

Mr. Vivek Tankha in collaboration with Mr. Shiv Khera founded the ‘Country First Foundation’. This foundation was established with a mission to get Freedom Through Education and Justice. A nation with undereducated people is nothing but a mass who is easy to enslave and hard to lead. Education is a priority for our nation if we want it to grow and develop further.

The objective of the ‘Country First Foundation’ was to observe ‘Good Governance to Good People and Good Laws’ with a far-sighted vision of ensuring respect and dignity for every Indian. Education brings enlightenment to the society, thus ensuring that the citizens make an ideal choice when they are appointing a leader. Lack of justice makes the citizens lose trust and respect for the law. The ‘Country First Foundation’ ensures to assist and guide people who are seeking justice and empower the citizens to fight for what is right.

The pillars of ‘Country First Foundation’ are designed keeping in mind the struggle India as a nation is facing since 1947. Mr. Tankha, an enthusiastic social activist keeps the well-being of the country and its citizens before anything else. We need leaders like him who take the right and firm steps towards success keeping all sectors in mind. The ‘Country First Foundation’ has been successfully going on since many years, and we are looking forward for more such movements that fight for the citizens and nation’s betterment.

Farmers of India

Farmers of India Featured

Is this the country where agriculture is the main source of income? Is this the nation of farmers? The changing scenario of our nation is worrisome. India is an agriculture-dominated country. It is blessed with geological and favourable environmental conditions, but due to new Government schemes, we are falling short in terms of development. These schemes introduced to help farmers are now working in a reverse manner. Well, this is not the first time where farmers have endured the torture of the system. They haven’t got loan waivers, neither have they received proper pricing for their produce. They still need help from the Government and they are still struggling for their livelihood. But this time the Government has set the new mark for being cruel and inhuman towards farmers. Here we are talking about ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana’. This particular scheme was started with a façade of helping farmers but the actual beneficiaries are others.

Poor farmers are dependent on their crops; as it is the only source of their livelihood. Good produce depends on seeds and for that they need money, even if they manage to gather the amount, the list of hurdles doesn’t end here. ‘Rain’ is an important factor in the field of farming. If it rains on time, then there is a little hope for farmers and their families or else they are forced to face a drought. Rain is only a primary concern but there are many other things to be taken into consideration like money for the aftercare of the harvest, etc. Is it a farmer’s fault that even after struggling for the whole year he doesn’t get a decent price for his crop? Why they are left helpless to the point that they opt for suicide? Is living in this country difficult enough that seeking relief in death is easy for these people? These questions unsettle me and I am failing, just to fathom the agony of the families who are living the dread of aftereffects. They are left behind with no one to look after them. Lives of farmers of India are more painful than death itself. Those who can ease farmers’ pain by helping them are busier filling the pockets of rich and influential people. The farmers didn’t get their rightful help from the Government, but the so-called ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana’ is acting as a mere tool to snatch what is left to them and giving it to rich people. Through this scheme, the insurance amount is directly deducted from farmers’ bank account to insurance companies. Many farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh cannot be benefited through this scheme due to the criteria of insurance, but their names and bank accounts were linked to insurance companies. The amounts were deducted from the accounts but when they sought relief of insurance they were struck down by the reality of conditions of insurance.

The scam of crores is once again sucking the lives of our farmers. Lots of farmers denied getting their crop insured. If this situation continues then it will leave them helpless and vulnerable in case of any natural disaster. They have lost their faith in the scheme and are ready to take the bigger risks. It is important and crucial to have crop insurance but flawed schemes like these stop farmers from taking one step further. We need to understand one more thing here i.e. many farmers even if they want, are unable to take crop insurance because they need the money at that moment. The government needs to understand their situation and helplessness and then plan the schemes accordingly. Unplanned work will always give negative outputs. We should plan our schemes out of this understanding to benefit the most important person of our country ‘Kisan’ and make them proud to be born in the land of India.

An ideal example of humanity during a calamity

An ideal example of humanity during a calamity Featured

2001 Gujarat Earthquake

Mother nature has given mankind the greatest of gifts; but sometimes, nature’s calamities brings us face to face with the ultimate truth. In 2001, the state of Gujarat experienced one of the deadliest earthquakes the nation has ever seen. It occurred on 26th January on India’s 52nd Republic Day, at 08:46 AM IST and lasted for more than 2 minutes. These terrifying 120 seconds broke havoc. It left the citizens shuddering in terror.

The epicentre of the quake at Chobari in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District demolished everything. The death toll rose above thousands with the innumerable injured and displaced. The harm to life and property was immeasurable. The Earth swallowed up homes, shops, and life savings of the people of Gujarat; leaving remainders of the horrific tragedy that befell them.  

The most difficult part of the situation was medical help. The earthquake destroyed the hospitals and health centres leaving the rescuers very little to work with. Providing the most basic medical assistance had become a task considering that there was absolutely nothing left – no medicines, equipment or even beds. Right from saving lives and nursing the injured back to health, to re-establishing those displaced, Gujarat was in dire need of help.

Several responsible citizens and organizations extended their helping hand and donated money and supplies.

Doctors from other states gave their time and effort in the temporary hospitals set up near the calamity-ridden places. The continuous help from other nations aided process. And then there were some people who went out of their way to help the victims of the unfortunate disaster.

One of such kind-spirited humans, Mr. Vivek Tankha, Chairman of Justice Tankha Memorial Trust extended his hand in support. Being a selfless person, he lent his service to rebuilding the lives of those who suffered. He immediately realized the desperate need for medical attention in this region. Getting these victims up on their feet became his mission. He arranged all the medical supplies and provided all the basic amenities for the relief. His initiative resulted in bringing 100 beds in the temporary hospital in the affected area of Bhuj, Gujarat.

This rescue initiative changed the lives of the survivors. Many major surgeries were performed at this temporary hospital that gave them a ray of hope for a new life. This hospital opened its gates to the ones in need and provided help and care for a whole month.

The efforts of heroes like Mr. Tankha has permanently impacted the lives of the ones he saved. His initiative may have gone unnoticed, but his deeds will be treasured in the memories of the survivors.

Collapsing Bricks of Democracy

Collapsing Bricks of Democracy Featured

Democracy is the real strength of our country as we are a nation with a diverse culture and an enormous population. This is the reason why India stands high in the world with all that diversity with unity. We are a developing Nation, but that’s not enough. The process of progress transpires when we have the power to choose our own Government. This power is reassured by the election process and votes; without which, we cannot function as a Nation. The Government which is, by the people, of the people, and for the people ensures the growth of the country and every element of the society. If the election process is incomplete or circumvented by anyone for personal their interest, the very existence of democracy is threatened.

In 2019, India will face another election, which will decide the fate of this country for another five years. The voter lists are being finalized. If the voter list has been tampered with, then we may have to face a serious crisis. Many questions are being raised regarding the voter ID lists; the issue has remained unresolved since the queries go unanswered.

Congress leader Mr. Vivek Tankha, who has also been an Ex-chairman of the Electoral Reform Committee of the Ministry of Law & Justice / Election Commission of India realised this issue and decided to make the whole election procedure fair and easy for Madhya Pradesh and other states.

When the Congress party requested the data, the Election Committee provided it in an image board format (which will take approximately 2 years to analyse). The data should have been in the text board according to the manual. Even with this hurdle, the team analysed the Rajasthan voter ID list which was available in the text board. They have analysed 200 constituencies.  The Congress presented the facts on an affidavit. The data has been taken from the official Govt. websites and the results are astonishing. Have a look at them.

In the span of 5 years (2013-2018), the exponential growth in the voter list is above 3-4%. Generally, this growth is around 1-2%, it is also being said if the voter list’s growth is more than 3-4% then no one can beat the ruling Govt.

The total electoral number in the draft voter list is around 4,75,00,000. In which the number of male population is 2,49,00,000 and number of female population is 2,25,00,000.

In this list, 42 lacs registration have the same name, relatives name, and gender under one constituency. Clearly, these are fake! Even applying one more filter of age, the number of fake names is 10,44,000.

Not only this but the EPIC number duplicates are 91,261.

The number of probable duplicates of NRNG more than a hundred times in a single constituency are 487 and more than 50 times is 14,482.

In the list, there are thousands of people who are sharing the same address with other voters. The following table will describe the numbers.

Electors who share the same address with more than 100 other electors.

Number of Electors


Number of Houses

Electors who share the same address with more than 50 other electors.

2,63,017 3,435

Electors who share the same address with more than 25 other electors.

17,27,844 49,745

Electors who share the same address with more than 10 other electors.

1,42,38,667 9,20,000

Is this even possible? Unfortunately, this is the reality. All these numbers are taken from the official Govt. website.

The manual clearly mentions that if more than 10 voters are living in one house, a special verification needs to be conducted. The verification hasn’t been performed for the voter list in question. No details were given to Congress even after repeated requests.  

Likewise, the details for other constituencies have been shared with the Election Commission and they don’t have a justification for these irregularities.

The proportion of the population with voter list does not match at all. The increase in the voters in the year of 2013-2018 is 70,0000. Which means an increase of 15 lac voters each year, but the data shows an increase of 5 lac voters. The website of Rajasthan doesn’t show the total number of voters. So nobody knows how many can actually vote in this election.

These figures are just of one state; imagine what will happen if we analyse every voter list of other states? The whole country depends on these elections, where each and every vote matters. These many fake voters and the purposeful hurdles to suppress the issue raises one simple question – are we living in the democracy or autocracy?  

Reference –

#MeToo: Change Is Necessary

#MeToo: Change Is Necessary Featured

Today, we are failing as a society. We are failing to protect our girls from the claws of the society infected by male dominance. We are failing to protect them from the predators that lurk in every corner.

As the father of a girl, I dread picking up a newspaper and reading the reports surrounding assaults and rapes. I feel anxious as to how many innocent lives have been hurt while we were asleep in our safe homes, and how many may be harmed in just this living minute.

Laws, punishments, and rules mean nothing to these criminals with monstrous motives.

Unfortunately, every other household has a female going through some kind of assault, be it physical or mental. The suppression and trauma faced by these women is a hindrance to their being.

The root cause of these atrocities is the mentality that has been instilled from generations. Even in the 21st century, women are considered to be subordinate to men. A country where the feet of Goddesses is considered the holiest place keeps women under their foot. What an irony! Women around the world may have reached the moon, but Indian society still sees them as a second citizen and weaker sex. They are expected to be at the receiving end and stay quiet in the incidence of injustice.

The fear of the society kept women quiet, the same society which expected unlimited sacrifices from them and never gave anything in return. But now the scenario is changing, women are being vocal against injustice. This is showing us the ugly realities of the two-faced society that is our own creation.

It takes a lot of courage to come forward and share the horrid experiences that left its mark on their lives forever. Putting themselves in front of people’s judgment who might not understand the nightmare they have lived.

A recent groundbreaking movement #MeToo shook the roots of the entire nation. The ghastly turn of events bared the truth of the work environment women have to endure in India, and around the world. With extreme social pressure, it is hard to break the silence for many women who have been through these incidents. But it is a start indeed. No one should get away with such actions regardless of their social status and power. Thorough inspection and strict actions should be taken.

As events unfold, many big names surfaced and the allegations are quite surprising. Years of silence broke and erupted like an angry volcano, that obliterated the fake pride of our society. The question burned my mind, where exactly are we heading? Some of the reactions to the incidents and stories of victims are preposterous. They are facing scrutiny for being silent for years and being questioned about their character and motive.

‘Victim Blaming’ is still a critical issue in India. I am not taking any sides but if someone is coming forward after years of silence, we should respect the courage and their silence since it is not easy to relive the nightmare. As every coin has two sides, it is possible that some misuse of the movement might occur and for that, we need a system with proper provisions. People should be open to listening, without jumping to any conclusions. We shouldn’t take this issue lightly because it is important for every woman who is ambitious and wants to create her identity.

How can they work if the work environment is poignant? A healthy and co-operative environment will breed stronger women. Nearly half of India’s population is women; if each one of them contributes to the nation’s economy, imagine the economic growth and stability India will achieve!

Women are capable of great things and they have proved their caliber time and again in every field. They have achieved success and pride for the nation. What they need is support and safety from us and they will conquer the world. Let’s support the women of India, let’s take a step towards progressive India.

Made in Madhya Pradesh

Made in Madhya Pradesh Featured

Corruption, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment, Madhya Pradesh is fighting these demons since decades. The state is struggling to reach even the first step of development and we are losing this battle at a rapid speed. Continuous debt of crores is looming over the state and slowly eating the last hope of growth. The situation is reflecting on every sector which is worrisome for every citizen. Education, agriculture, sports, transportation, environmental status of the state, everywhere the situation is out of control; and we are left to live with the ordeal of the miss-management. We have witnessed numerous changes over the decades and the ones which are occurring right now worries me for the future of our young generation.

The most important thing here is our future generation. We have lived a full life, experienced joy, surprises and, ups and downs of life. Now we might have a few days ahead of us but these youngsters are yet to create their own horizon. Even with a degree and highest educational qualifications they are begging for jobs. Even thinking about the kind of suffering and depression they are facing makes me restless. Something must be done and solution needs to be found. Even with the few Government schemes, it is difficult to cover the damage of the decade. One cannot solve the problem of water scarcity of the entire village with one small pond of water. Just like that, we cannot curb this issue with temporary solutions. We need to create a system where we can safeguard the future of our generation.

Instead of depending on and waiting for job opportunities to be created we can take one step forward and change the scenario of Madhya Pradesh. That step would be ‘Make in Madhya Pradesh’, an idea coined by Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi has the potential to change the picture of the state. The core thought is to promote industrialization and create job opportunities for the youth hence achieving wholesome development of the state.

The planning of Make in Madhya Pradesh will be as follows –

  •    A new business which has more than 100 cr. investment and giving 60% youth of Madhya Pradesh’s technical jobs and 100% non-technical jobs, will get a concessionary rate of interest on loan plus concession on GST.
  •    Youth who are starting up a business for the first time will get a loan of 5 years with a concessionary rate of interest.
  •    New silicon city will be developed in Bhopal.
  •    Jewelry Park – We will establish a new industrial park to promote gold and diamond business, the diamond city will be established for diamond business, golden complex, diamond complex will have industrial, business and residential facilities and special concession in GST and property tax plus concession in electricity and interest rate.
  •    Special free training for females and other people for ornament sector business plus priority will be given in industrial plot allocation.
  •    We will establish new ‘Garment Complex’ in Madhya Pradesh which will have a business and residential facilities plus special concession in GST and property tax, concession in electricity and interest rate.
  •    To promote power loom (up to 10 looms) special plot will be developed which will have industrial, business and residential facilities, tax concession, plus concession in electricity and interest rate. We will promote Government buying.

These provisions will build a new future for young entrepreneurs and will secure job opportunities creating a healthy cycle of the economy. Future is in our hand and we as responsible citizens should take a step towards change!

Health of Rural India

Health of Rural India Featured

Every coin has two sides to it. We, as a nation often see two sides of our society, ‘Urban India’ and ‘Rural India’. The changes which are occurring in our society induce serious concerns about the future of our nation. Urban India is developing at a rapid speed whereas Rural India is lacking and underdeveloped in many aspects. The drastic contrast of the situation is ironic as well as horrific. Since decades we are trying to bridge the gap between these two worlds but they are still drifting apart. If serious measures for the same are not being taken, then we will be forced to see this country turn into a ‘Banana Republic’. We are well aware of the problems Rural India is suffering from – poverty, illiteracy, lack of electricity and water, lack of hygiene, etc. What makes them complex and difficult to solve is that these issues are interlinked; hence, inclusive development of India has a long way to go. We may have to solve this problem by taking small, baby steps.

Let’s initiate with the public health sector since the majority of the population that is living in the rural area is below the poverty line. The impoverished economic status keeps these people away from basic and necessary things like health and nutrition. They are forced to ignore health complains as survival is their priority. How can they care for health when every penny earned is used to put food on the table? They are unable to break these barriers; and there is a lot more to take into consideration than just economic status. The rural areas are occupied by different tribes and people of different culture. Fairly distanced from the city, these areas may or may not have a medical center. Some of the medical centers that I have seen in Madhya Pradesh are only able to provide primary medical facilities. In the case of major health issues, these people have to depend on city hospitals. In case of an emergency like an accident, they are left vulnerable. Travelling to the city for treatment is a task for these people since the expenses for travel and medicines are unaffordable, hence they opt to ignore their health complains.

Have these people left to suffer by our system? No. But some underdeveloped schemes with limited resources cannot solve this problem. The main issue here is to reach every element of society. An extremely arduous barrier of illiteracy and Government being tied down with limited resources complicates the situation even more.

We cannot let these difficulties come in our way and let these people die or suffer due to lack of medical facilities. What if they are unable to reach to the hospitals? Hospitals can reach to them. We, as responsible citizens of India, should reach out to these people. A little dedication and some medical camps in villages can create wonders. I have been blessed to witness it during ‘RAHAT’ (a small medical mission). Undertaken by Rotary Club, Jabalpur, this mission has helped over thousands of people in Madhya Pradesh. Whenever I visit the camp it gave me an insight that even a small action by us can have an impact of a lifetime.   

We are capable of changing the lives of thousands of people. If we join hands, we would be able to create a healthy India! I believe that a healthy society can make anything possible. After all, inclusive progress is the real progress. Health is the greatest gift you can give to people of our country!

Lawyers for Humanity

Lawyers for Humanity Featured

Lawyers are the true protectors of democracy. They never stop fighting for justice and humanity. Although there are some people who take the wrong advantage of this profession for their personal benefits and malign the dignity of this profession. Irrespective of this, there are people who truly stand for what the black robe is made for. These dignified lawyers restore ordinary people’s faith in the judiciary system.

The real problem is that the process of a case is costly for an average income person. Plus, the time-consuming process leads people away from seeking the help of the judiciary system. Sometimes they don’t even understand the complex process and don’t get proper guidance. This makes them helpless when they can take legal action if someone wronged them. Many lawyers or authorities take advantage of this helplessness of these people which results in corruption and injustice.

However, there are some loyal lawyers who are practicing and preaching advocacy as a public service. Here we are talking about Congress leader Mr. Vivek Tankha. The Tankha family is into public service since generations. ‘Justice Tankha Memorial Trust’ is changing the face of Madhya Pradesh. The senior advocate has devoted himself to selfless service. His goals and visions are very clear and his guidance is shaping the young generation of lawyers and giving inspiration to seniors.

His recent announcements and meetings are an inkling of the change for the people of Madhya Pradesh.

With the help of Congress Legal Department, he made a proposition to all affiliated lawyers to come together for public service. Lawyers will give free consultation to every person who will come to them for help. They will fight the case without charging a hefty amount or free of charge depending upon the structure of the case procedure. This will enable justice to reach every element of society. Every person despite the economic background has the right to justice. This initiative by Mr. Tankha will bring relief to the people of Madhya Pradesh.

Recently he addressed 2000 bar council lawyers at an event in Chennai. His suggestions were highly appreciated. His thoughts on an act for lawyers’ protection and empowering women lawyers won the hearts of the advocates.  

Mr. Tankha believes that we need more women lawyers because they have an apt understanding of the society and have deeper connections with social issues. Which is why support and empowerment of girls will give us a generation of extraordinary female lawyers, who will help the nation. Female lawyers are continuously proving their potential and dedication to society and Mr. Tankha supports them completely.

He is a visionary and has firm stands for the betterment of society. He is restoring our faith in the judiciary system.  

Importance of Primary Education

Importance of Primary Education Featured

I clearly remember the first day of my school. Naïve then, but today I realize how those steps marked the journey of my life. I have been blessed with the guidance and support from my parents and teachers. Their faith and encouragement shaped the path of my success. Whenever I see school going kids, the still fresh memories of my young days’ start to cloud my mind. Without even realizing, a small smile spreads across my face. School is an institution of values and morals. It is an important factor in any child’s growth. It instills confidence, knowledge, and dreams of the future in their minds. The power of education enables a person to learn and experiment.

Primary education ensures that kids are not left vulnerable in the world and it is the first step towards literacy. Education is imperative for every nation; India, however, is in crucial need to improve the literacy rate especially in rural regions. The importance of education is yet to reach every corner of India. Even after 71 years of freedom, we are still living in the slavery of illiteracy. Even in the 21st century, people are reluctant to send their kids to school or to complete their education. Poverty acts like a headwind and our system struggles to keep pace. But we cannot let evils of illiteracy win this battle. Somewhere, somehow, there has to be an intervention. In order to do so, we need to get from the root of this problem; and the problem here is that primary education for kids is still unaffordable for people.

Here, we are particularly discussing Madhya Pradesh. The state has a large population of the tribals and this part is falling behind in terms of technology and development. The kids from these areas need economic help and encouragement with studies. If school uniform, books, notebooks, and fees are covered effectively and on time, then we might be able to increase the number of admissions. The second challenge will be to maintain and regulate their attendance. To ensure that no kid drops out of school we need to keep their interest in school activities and make studies interactive. School bodies have to introduce revolutionary methods and fun activities to maintain attendance and enthusiasm.

It may take a lot of time and hard work but this step will ensure a bright future of our future generation. Let’s give them the education and knowledge they deserve!